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About Parmoli

Parmoli is a very small village located in swabi KPK . 
Parmoli Has about 15+ mohally . 
there is 2 primary boys school in parmoli. one from them is located in main Pamroli . 
There is Just One High School for boys and one for Girls . even In just 2015 Girls High School started teaching Science There. 
Otherwise from our Village The Genius Girls which was able to study science were go to Shewa for studying science . 
And yeah ofcourse in parmoli there is more than 5, 6 Public school which really teach well . and make person able to come front with great personality . 
i have studied my metric in Gov high school Parmoli . 
and i am thanks full to all my teacher who taught me very well. but unfortunately i have not studied very well. i am leaving my topix . and start writing about Parmoli .  
I don't beloved in it that i would write some thing about Parmoli. But i have really got some unique information about Parmoli from My Family members and Some from  Teacher . 
I will try my best to write well about Parmoli as you would got that i am weak in English  . but lets start
Parmoli Swabi

Parmoli Swabi

Haris Khan Parmoli

Parmoli History 

in About 1870 We came here . and There were elder of all village name was Sheikh malli . they gave us Pamrol . and yeah We were Manizy . there were 3 Big Family in swabi such as Ako Khail , manizy , Malik zay. 
There were just 3 person came to Parmoli . according to my elder they have told me . we were came here Because There were Water in Parmoli . 
When they stayed here  .. They slowly became to MOhallah Evey person name became mohallah name. 
there were just 3 Elders . 
The First Name " Bazit " MUbarik , " and Nem balol . " 
Then that name converted to more name . I mean there were became much mohallahs from one elder. you can see here fulll list . 
Bazit Conveted to To part which known by . " Bazit Black , and Bazit White. "  

Mubarik Converted to Four Mohalls that was children of Mubarik . 
" Jamal Khail " , Azmat Khail , Pati Khail , Kala khail , Babi Khail . 

Nem Balol was just 3 children which converted to 
Sajarh Khail, Bobak Khail , Zarki Khial , 
. nowadays there are alot of mohallah here . but according to our Parmoli Book . 
There are just 11 mohallahs of Parmoli own . 

Area Parmoli 

Haris Khan With Saddam

The Parmoli is 20000 Kanal . 
which divided by just 3 it's mean 2000/3 = 6666 ,and yeah every elder got 6666 kanal . and yeah they gave it to his Children mean . In our Parmoli Bazit Khail has more Plat in parmoli than jamal khail kala khail etc. 
Area About our mountain khanpur . 
Khanpur is about 34550 kanal . and yeah we have just 11516 kanal there in khanpur. 
Population In Pamroli. 
The mohallah Azmat Khail has more  population than that all. and 
yeah areas bazed is Bazit Khail . 
according to 2015 Election There were about 37000 Vote in parmoli. 
it mean Parmoli have more than 80000 population . 
Don't forget to Check Parmoli Photos Here 

Education System 

Parmoli has Poor education system . as i can say about our GOv high school . there are more than 900 Student study in parmoli Gov high school . and yeah it's not fair according to Their class room size and school size .  and MashaAllah our teacher are very genius they do their job very Honestly But as we need to improve our school system here. 

about me!


Parmoli Haris Khan


I am haris khan .i am author of this blog . if you have any information and wanna share with me . or with parmoli you can contact me . and if i have written something wrong than you can suggest me to correct it . thank you for reading it. share it on your facebook. , twitter etc . i need help to bring parmoli to the internet world . 
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