Sardar Ali Takkar Songs and his Journey with Pashto Songs

sardar ali takkar songs

Sardar Ali takkar is a famous Gov awarded Pashto singer, but when we say something about his songs we always remember Ghani khan because Sardar Ali takkar is quite known for singing Ghani khan ghazals.
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Ghani khan has very tough poetry, when it comes to understanding many people get failed and start blame him for his beautiful and meaningful poetry.

I used to hate Pashto singer (because I never treated myself as Pashto then: sorry for that  )
When I heard a really good songs of Sardar Ali takkar on a very first time, I fallen in love with his voice but more the meaningful words defiantly woke a Pathan inside me.

I started research on him not exactly on Sardar Ali takkar but on Ghani khan and I came to consultation that if there is still Ghani khan voice its must because of sardar Ali takkar.
To add a little bit about his life and biography I would really want to give a 2 line shot to introduce sardar ali takkar here. :D

Sardar ali takkar is basically from Mardan KPK, He is an engineer. Beside his personal life I would love to tell you about his journey with singing.
Sardar Ali takkar said in an interview to “Voice of America” that his talent was hide from the eye of worlds until one of his teacher friend was searching for someone to sing Ghani khan Ghazals in a school party, and he couldn’t find out anyone but the end sardar ali takkar was the one to get ready to sing. 

Furthermore he added that the Ghani khan words were very tough to bring it into a singing style and a rhythm that can sound good and he was so worried when he was singing on the very first time and that’s also in the front of Ghani khan but later when he started singing he found out ghani khan was quite satisfied from his voice and the rhythm.

Sardar ali takkar and ghani khan

Sardar ali added more in the interview that he always loved ghani khan poetry because of the philosophy thoughts and the meaningful words (Actually that’s the same reason I loved Ghani khan poetry)

Actually it’s quite next to impossible to find out all the track and songs of sardar ali takkar, that’s the reason I gathered all of his songs to a playlist and thoughts I should share it with my Khans brothers so that can have a real pathan and a soft human inside them (Y)

I would like to add a simple things to give as complement to sardar ali saib that except him no one can add that rhythm and soft music to ghani khan poetry.

He has brought the poetry of Ghani khan in such way that can make ways in every pathan hearts <3

Sardar Ali takkar songs

                                     Video Playlist Here ( Pashto tube )

Here are some of my favourite songs among all, and not just favourite they changed me into a human and woke up a pathan inside me.

I can have here just two video which are the most meaningful songs video I have ever found in Pashto!

1- Jannat Aw dunya - Sardar Ali takkar song 

Do you know one things that can make me to love and give respect to the poet is he has not talked alot about that lover girl baby or love.
this is the exact reason I loved his songs.
The songs Jannat aw dunya ( Heaven and world )
is one of the most philosophy songs that i have found of Sardar ali takkar.
you got to watch it , I can't stop you from falling in love with it sorry :P

2-Raba ( Aw ALLAH )

When I heard this songs on the very first time at night, I was shocked because at the end someone taught me about the real unfair world and look at him how he is complaining about human to the creator that made me cry :(

sorry can't help you from being so soft after listening to this song!

Now since this article took me at least 2 hours , now I need to rest and here is so hot :(
I hope I can catch you in my next post! until that have a look on other post !
Take care Ma Pashtoon Bro ( You belong to the most brave tribes on earth, Be proud )

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