Pashto Important Phrase you should memories right now

You want to sound like pashtoon? Without getting very deep to Pashto language?

Or do you want to impress someone by saying some Pashto phrase?

Here are some of Pashto phrase you will have to use over and over again, if you want to learn Pashto or just want to get hand on basic.
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I have chosen the below phrase after researching what people are really into and what they like to say when they start learning new language so if you don’t find your desirable phrase below you can always comment In the post and I will come with an answer!

1- How are you?
Do you want to ask how is doing your friends in Pashto language? And wonder how to say it correctly, say it like this
    “Sanga ye” or “Tasu sanga ye”
  سنگہ یے ؟  یا ۔ تاسو سنگہ یے ؟

2- I am fine!
If someone ask the first question instead how you are going to reply in Pashto that you are fine and doing great? Let’s find out
                            “Khair dhy” or “Kho yama”
  خیر دے ،

3- Where are you from?
Often we need to ask someone their location and guess if we want to impress someone in their language such as pashtoon then how we are going to say it? Learn here
“tasu da kam ze ye”
تاسو دہ کم زی یئ ؟۔

4- Who are you?
This is lit bit weird phrase you are not going to ask from your friends or someone you know but if you ever need to ask from a unknown person who are they and want to start conversation in Pashto or just want to show them you are pathan, you can definitely tell them like this.
“tasu sok ye ?”
تاسو سوک ئی ؟

5- I didn’t get you, what you said?
What if someone said something and you didn’t get what they said, you are going to need them tell you again so learn how you can ask them to say it again in Pashto.
“poha nashwam, tasu sa owe?”
تاسوسااوی پوہہ نشوم ۔

6- Thanks a lot, or Thank you.
If you are going to thanks someone in Pashto you will defiantly need to memories this and use it to make happy your Pashtoon friends.
“Deera manan” or “deera deera manana”
ڈیرہ ڈیرہ مننہ

7- Can you help me?
If you are going to need help and you find out a Pathan who don’t understand any other language, you could say the below phrase instead of understanding him signally. :D
“Tasu masara madad koli she?”
تاسو ماسرہ مدد کولی شی ؟

8- I love you.
You fallen in love with a beautiful pathan girl or a very smart brave pathan guy and you wonder how you can say that you love him/her in Pashto. Let’s learn it.
“Zo tasu sara deera meena kom”
زو تاسو سرہ مننہ کوم

9- Thanks god you are safe.
In the world of social media, if you have any partner and he went offline for a little time and then came back and you want to show them that you were worried about them. Tell them this
“Allah deera mana chi tasu sam ye”
اللہ ڈیرہ مننہ ، چی تاسو سم ئی ۔
I don’t have any more phrase , if you ever need help in any phrase and you need it in just 24 hours, you could comment below and I will be with your answer soon.

I believe my language just don’t represent a location or people but it represent the culture we have and the kinda style we love.

So if you ever wonder why pathan are brave you can definitely find out the answer in our language.

Now let me sleep in the rest, and for now good bye! I ll be there with a really good meaningful post soon.

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