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In the today episode I I will share some of the effective ways to learn Pashto you can skips some parts if you already know about Pashto lets me introduce first all the things about Pashto.

Pashto language : 

Pashto is official language of Afghanistan but it’s spoken in south Pakistan too. People who speak Pashto called pathans ( Pakhtoon ).and it’s the 2nd most spoken language in Pakistan. let’s talk about Pashto grammar though it’s garbage but you should clear some useful things before learning English.

Pashto grammar: 

Pashto is a subject–item–verb (sov) language with cut up ergativity. Adjectives come earlier than nouns. Nouns and adjectives are inflected for 2 genders (masc./fem.),[70]  numbers (sing./plur.), and four instances (direct, oblique i, oblique ii and vocative). There is additionally an inflection for the subjunctive mood. The verb machine may be very problematic with the following tenses: gift, easy beyond, beyond progressive, present perfect and past perfect. The sentence construction of pashto has similarities with a few different indo-iranian languages which include prakrit and bactrian. The possessor precedes the possessed inside the genitive construction. The verb typically is of the same opinion with the concern in each transitive and intransitive sentences. An exception occurs when a finished action is pronounced in any of the beyond tenses (easy beyond, beyond progressive, present ideal or beyond ideal). In such cases, the verb is of the same opinion with the concern if it's miles intransitive, but if it's far transitive, it agrees with the item,[28] consequently pashto suggests a partially ergative conduct. Like kurdish, but unlike most other indo-iranian languages, pashto uses all 3 styles of adpositions – prepositions, postpositions and circumpositions.

How to learn Pashto? 

Learn Pashto

No the real things come up! Since technology has made everything easy to learn despite the facts everyone has their computer in their hand you can get start of learning Pashto right now. And the facts that you are reading is to learn Pashto as I am going to share some of the useful ways to learn Pashto quickly correctly.
Pashto is not a wide language like English or any other language so getting documentation for such language is a little bit hard but still there are some ways by which you can get your goal.
Learn Pashto Application

Below are top useful apps which you can download right now and can start learning Pashto on your smart phone right now. But before posting the link lets me tell you why it’s useful to learn from apps?

Easy Learning Pashto 

Learn Pashto free online

This is the most useful apps which you can get right now. But I would not prefer it if you want to learn Pashto in English since this apps in urdu and if you don’t know urdu then I prefer you to skip it and lets me show you another apps.

Pashto Language Learning :

this apps is very important for those who want to learn Pashto in English or in Urdu as by this apps you can learn in Urdu as well as in Pashto.
The amazing part of this apps is you can learn a lot of Pashto vocabulary from picture and it is saying picture speaks thousand words so if you are going to teach your children Pashto this will gonna help you.
Not only you will learn Pashto but you can also learn some slang in Pashto and jokes as well.
Providing Pashto sms feature in this apps is amazing as you can copy some sms and send to your Pashtun ( Pathan ) friend and can amaze them they will be glad to see your Pashto sms , will not they ?

Learn English From Books PDF 

                                                    Pashto Books PDF 
Except from it you can also learn Pashto from Pashto dictionary which you can get by this links.
As reading books sometimes help a lot you can print the above dictionary or even you can download it and open it on your pc or in smart phone and can read and learn Pashto right now .
You can also see some of the useful Pashto Phrase Here
Didn’t you like even one things from above and still you are looking for the easiest ways to learn?
Let’s come here and learn from video and I am hundred percent sure if you didn’t like anything from above the most amazing and effective way to learn from videos it’s mean you can listen and learn Pashto from video as well.
PS: below video are not belonging to me credit always go to the owner of this content and also you can click on the video and go to the channel and also can watch more part to complete the course for free.

Pashto learning Videos Course for beginner:

Coming to the last part of this article and I want to let you know there are many Facebook and social media group which can help you a lot in order to learn and community ,
Search these group name on facebook and join at :
Rogh Lewani , Alakan vs Jenaki , Peshawar university ..
You can always go and find a lot of Pashtun people and ask them they will help you though you can post in these group and people are ready to answer you! Good luck!
would like to watch pashto video ? 
If you need more ways to learn English from tell me in the comments box I would really appreciate to answer you.

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