Khan as surname and its meaning


Many people are curious to know about, why some people have “Khan” as a surname.
I am here to talk about why Khan is so special name for Pathans and why its represent Pathan and how.

Before going to explain everything in clear words. I would like to clear some of the things so that you can take me as the way I want you.

I am neither a history writer nor a professional writer. I might make a lot of mistakes not in just writing this blogs but in every single post out there, my vision is not to represent something in a weird way nor I wanna lie about something.

Note: All of the information about “Khan” is confirmed from all over the world, and has been mixed with what I have heard from my family and elders.
Let’s me start off explaining from where the world people use “Khan” as a surname.

History of Khan

Muslims and specially Pathans use khan, as a surname in Asia. However, there are many families they do not even have one-person touch with Pathans family nor they are Pathans and still keep their name as Khan. I will explain that later that why they keep so.

Since I have cleared that Khan is used as a surname only in Asia but you will be amazed to hear that it has actually come from British more ever it’s in the top 10 most used surname name in England.

Nevertheless, when people say Khan they mean Pathan often time, I have been called so many time by other tribes as Khan Saab. Your Punjabi friends might have called you so many times as well especially.

 There is a statement about Khan as a surname in Wikipedia. You should read it.

“The surname Khan originates with the Mongolian khan. Used in the Rourans firstly, and later more widely by Islamic chieftains in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

Meaning of Khan 

There is much meaning of the word Khan, some of the meaning is below which has captured from all over the world.
Commander, brave, Leader, Rulers, Rich.

Facts about Khan. 

There are no any fixed standard facts about Khan as it does not come from one tribe over another.
since there are many Khan in Bollywood while a lot of successful entrepreneur in the UK.

Khan has spread very well, from Politician, Actor, Businessman, Leaders, to Poet. Khans are in almost every field today.

Haris Khan

In addition, of course, how can I forget myself? Haris khan the khan is surname name of my whole family even everyone here.

Conclusion : 

I haven’t written a detailed history about Khan neither I know, What I researched for a bit and whatever I know from the long time as written here.
I might have written there something that might not be true or false about Khan. You can point out it in the comments box, or give suggestion about Khan I will gonna add that to the article.

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