Pathans are Pathans But not Muslims


Let talk about the most controversial topic on earth “Religion & Pathans”

To clear things up, I am not that religious person, but I belong to a religious family thus I am aware of depth things about religion, and since I am Pathan I am aware of my culture as well.

I would like you to know about the situation that’s going with me:

I should clear some of the situations that I am being through.

It is about 4รณ clock in the morning here, it’s dark completely and silence environment (Thank God, no one is around to disturb me: I love being alone though).

As of my daily life’s routine, I am awake but things are quite different today.

I am writing all this on paper rather than writing it on a computer screen, I do not have a keyboard in my fingers instead I have ballpoint.

That’s because we are running out of electricity from last 8 hours, we don’t have any light here as every single electrical thing has died and I don’t even have light here to see the papers and my writing.

Moreover, I have my lighter in my hand (I didn’t know it could help me in anything else except lighting a Cigarette.

Coming to the topic:

Being in a very religious family, as well as, a huge fan of Pakhtoon history, I am very well aware of the difference between these two.

I explain some of the things that are not a part of the Islam or part of Islam that we still do it or miss it.


Pathans stubborn

if you have any touch with Pathans, you might know it well that Pathans are over stubborn, and Islam is so neutral. Islam doesn’t allow a person to tind to something that’s dangerous or harmful to other.

being stubborn is good on another hand, but has a lot of side effect as well.

Let me share a story with you regarding this.

One day a former from my village was working. Since it was summer going on, the sun was quite hot as unusual. When he got offended by the hot sun, he swore to the sun and ley down in the hot weather there in the field. He said he won’t get up until he hides the sundown.

You must be thinking he might have some brain kinda issue but believe me he is normal but he is just a Pathan. Moreover, it is not his story only it goes for every Pathan. They are quite smart though.

Being stubborn has many benefits but unfortunately, it lasts only for other and has none benefit to the person himself.

The best benefit of being stubborn is: when they give their words to someone, they will fulfil no matter what it takes.

And it goes the same for the worst things toward being stubborn they will fulfil no matter what it takes even if it’s against of the religion they gonna do it.


Pathans are aggressive

Pathans are way more aggressive than other people on earth. They don’t get happy for little things while they get offended or angry for some words!

Islam never allows a Muslim to be so aggressive that he could lose himself.
Being aggressive has a lot of side effect not just a mental health issue but on society as well.

Pathans could start a fight on very little things sometimes they might kill someone for because of nothing!

It reminds me of Hazrat Ali (R.Z). you can imagine his aggressive attitude same as Pathan.
Please notice I am not disrespecting anyone nor I am against of anyone’s attitude.

Being aggressive and stubborn at the same time could make things a bit messy.
Imagine an aggressive person takes a decision in a very sensitive time and it goes negative and then being stubborn, they will take off their head but would give the last shot to it to fulfil it.
It is dangerous, isn’t it?

Over Respectful:


We Pathans are over-respectful, and why not we shouldn’t be?

We respect our society, tradition, elder and of course the women!

We have so great respect for the women, that we don’t even allow them to go school for an education not just to school but to shops and almost everywhere outta home.

We kill people just to recover our respect and sympathy back of the relative and people around us.

We don’t care about if somebody loves us but we do care if somebody disrespects us. Disrespecting a Pathan is the easiest things in the world.

We notice much-hidden behaviour of people toward us, and that’s why I call this over respect a sin and ego.

Look: Islam doesn’t allow to hurt someone even if they hurt us but to forgive.
There is no forgiveness word in Pathan dictionary.

This is ego of Pathans so next time make sure you don‘t direct any Pathan in any way whether it’s hidden in the eyes or yelling at them.
Else you can imagine that stubborn person who will never leave their promise but fulfil it.

Women are not humans:

Before going on this topic, its really necessary to clear my vision about women, so that it can’t make me a bad Pathans or Pathan's hater.

I agree with all of the rules that my culture has about women. But I am just here to show the difference not to prove whether it’s wrong or right.

I have heard so many Pathan saying “Women are not complete humans”.

being a Muslim I know what’s their rights in Islam, but being a Pashtoon we don’t even give them the rights that they have in Islam.

Islam allows us to ask a girl her permission on their marriage but what we do instead?
We just sign their marriage document without even knowing that as like we are a leader of an army not a father or careful elders.
Doesn’t Islam allow to ask the girl’s permission for her wedding? Islam does but we Pathans never.

Islam become different in different places, we have made our religion like we won't make same to our culture.

You could see a woman in hijab in Punjab while you won’t be able to see even a girl without burqa in KPK (Pashtoon area).

Islam tells us to give their right in the family’s property, but we Pathans never give them their right instead, we feel ashamed of giving them their rights in this matter.

I have many foreigner friends and close one. Some of them are girls and whenever I talk to them about women living here, they always ask this one question.

“How woman spend all of their life at home? Don’t they wanna go outta home?”

it’s very weird to them to spend whole life at a home.

When I got enough of listening to this question, started researching on it.
But guess what? It leads me to understand the psycho about it. That’s complicated to explain it here.
but just can give you a hint.
That even right now if you allow our women to go outta home they will never go.

that’s because their mind has been structured in the way that it seems very shameful things to them and what’s we think is the shame it’s and whatever we think is normal it’s normal. I will have a blog about it sooner.


I love Islam and it rules for women but there are huge different about women rules in my culture and Islam.

At least we should give them their rights!

I love writing about my culture and often time I notice the negative things as I always write about them to bring my culture to the next level and make it more careful and beautiful and good for living in the earth!

Neither of this article part is copied or confirmed it to be used for references, it’s just my thoughts about my culture and all these part doesn’t apply to all KPK, I am especially sharing my village culture.

pathanIf you are reading this it’s mean you have come crossed of the whole article and I must thank you here.

If I have ever said anything wrong and disrespectful, you can always leave the comments below and suggest me something great to be changed in the content.

I am neither a professional writer nor a cultured explorer so please do not take any of part of the content negative as it might be so sensitive toward straight people.

Now I shall get off from the writing and move on to the next things, it’s been 2 hours that I am writing it.
Now it’s 6:20 am in the morning here and I enjoy my earlier morning on grass here.

Take care, see yaa.

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