Pashto Song Of Top Singer From 2017

pashto songs 2017

I get happy while studying /researching of any Pashto Topic whether it's Pashto songs yet pashto history , 
but let me tell you. whenever someone listening specially Pashto songs. 
They considered The idiot persons of society. the jobless person of society. 
But it can be wrong. isn't it wrong to you ? 
will you considered someone as fool person just by their listening choice ? 
i will decently not. 
and there are 3 party in our society. they have specific choice of listening, 
some love to listening new pashto song like 2017, while some love to listen old pashto song. 
which party from you belong ? 
 there are many website. where you can find your choice video such as Youtube 
Pashto tube  , and off course Dailly Motion 

Pashto song New 2017

so i thought it's good idea to discuss about pashto new songs of 2017. 

i don't love the new songs which are making nowadays, 
and ooh how can the acting on a song. have ever you watched it ? 
but sometimes i watch pashto new songs of 2017-16 with my friends , and i don't believe how things got change? 
i will not judge from your choice whether you love or hate it , but i leave on you to decide whether it deserve to be loved ? 
watch the below video which is made in 2017

Pashto songs 2017

is it our pasht society culture ?
and have a look on it too .
this is what we called Pashto songs

and here is our great lady also GUl panra , who love to sing pashto song in new style . 

pashto songs
i love to listening Gul panra songs but sometimes she also do the things we don't want to see or expect . 
Okey Guys how was my list about Pashto New songs 2017

I hope you have fully enjoyed 
and have you seen our list of Top pashto video site 
see it right now , 
and let me know about your opinion in comments box . 

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