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Pashto Top Songs

Pashto Famous Video SOngs Or Top 

It's will be not good to just i considered some song as Pashto top song . 
Every one has their own choice . isn't ? 
i have my choice and you would have your . 
but below are some pashto top songs which i just not tell but these are in the top of Youtube and as well as in google . 
lets move on to the list .
there are many song which you gonna don't like but these are the best viewed song ever . 

1 - Gul Panra Songs 

Yes Gul Panra there are many Gul Famous Song , but  most of them is of urdu . 
but it's hard to find out top Gul song . 
below is the most watched video ever of Gul panra songs . and it's prove that the most pashto famous song is this . watch it out . 

Watch direct the song on YOutube 

2- Laila Khan Video Songs 

Laila Khan is also a pashto singer . she has lovely voice . everyone would accept it . 
and when it come to close . did you get close ? 
laila khan is more close to audience than Gul panra . Laila Khan has less security than GUl panra . 
ooh without going to write different between these singer . lets watch the most viewed song of laila khan . 
watch direct on youtube . 
did you love the laila khan voice ? i loved also .

3- Nazia Iqbal And Rahim Shah songs . 

on the position of 3 in the list of pashto top song  . i just can't skip this below video . 
and Nazia Iqbal is Also good singer . watch out Nazia Iqbal song with Rahim Shah . 

watch direct the video of Rahim Shah and Nazia Iqbal on youtube 

4- Qarara Rasha Ao Qarara Rasha Ismail 

A lovely Song Of ismail " Qarara Rasha " no doubt there are many singer have sung the song in different version of Qarara Rasha , but Trust me this one is just fantastic . watch below .  
Watch direct Qarara Rasha  on youtube 

so guys how was the list of top Pashto Video Songs .
isn't it lovely ?

watch below top 50 pashto song on the playlist . 

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