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Today I thought it would be great to share some Pashto (pakhto) To english English to Pashto (pakhto) Translator , Translation Tools, website application .
in the today modern world it's became easy to learn every new language , even to learn any new thing ,
there are many who wants to learn Pashto and Pashto to English And English To Pashto Tools Make it very easy .
I was Searching Through GOogle Keywords Tool and Found That the Most Searchable Keywords ABout Pashto Is the Pashto Translator 
and got it that people are looking for such a tool . so before going to presenting the tool ,
i would like to clarify some ,
the below tools for everyone and would not work offline , and i suggest you if you are smart phone user then please try to use android apps which i am gonna share here .
because the smart app will be easy than online website  .

1 - Google Translator Pashto To English 

English To Pashto Google Translator

Google Translator is one of the best translator , it give amazing service to the user ,
you can pick any language from the drop down menu and start translation ,
Even You can Use it As Pashto to English , Urdu To English , Or any language To Pashto or Pashto To anylanguge .
Google is trying day by day to add more new feature to their translation ,
so they have also a application for all plat form .

2- Google Translator Pashto To - For Android 

Google Smart Phone Application Provide The Exact tools which are in the web , but the apps makes more easy the job to be done . 
you can copy also the translation , 

3- Online Translation From Pakistan 

If you don't like the google translator , here is the 2nd option for you , you can use English to Pashto 
, And Pashto To English Translation website which is 
They Also GIve the good impression  . 
but Personally I don't think it is better than google translator , 

Yesterday We Posted Pashto Dictionary which make more easy to just see anyword meaning ,
here is the post
Pashto Dictionary Online / Offline 

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