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Pashto Language Description :-

Pashto Language Also Known As Afghani , And Pakhtu , And Pathani Language , 
It's the 2nd Most Speaking language of Pakistan , and Also it's The Officials language of Afghanistan , 
The Pashto Language Has speaking by KPK (Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa ) , And afghani Peoples . 
There is a alot of different type in pashto ., 
When you meet to any Quetta Villager you will find that they are speaking pashto some differently , 
than kpk people , 
while Afghani people also speak pashto differently than Pakistani , 
Pashto Is the main Language among the pashtun diaspora around world , 
and also The totall number of pashto -speaker is estimated around to 45-55 million People Word Wide , 
Pathanes called pashto as Pakhtu , it's the hard version of pashto , 
there are many successful people also where they belong from pathan family , 

Pashtoon Some great Personality , Which can know everyone all around the world . 

Malala Yousafzai  

Malala Yousafzai is A pathani girl , she has impressed everyone from her fight against Taliban , 
And MashaAllah She is so helpfully , she help almost all around the world now . 
and also she is born in swat , which is in kpk . 

Shahrukh Khan ( pathan ) ( SRK ) ;- 

The My name is khan movie actor Shahrukh Khan which is roll model for everyone now , he has billion fan from different country , and how can i miss it that he is the no 2 richest actor in the world , 
we get happy when we think about shahrukh khan that he is also a pathan , pushto , and even he can speak also a little bit pashto i have seen in a interview where he revealed that he can speak pashto little bit .But to be noted shahrukh khan is not from paksitan , and he is a Indian and their family also belong from India , 
Salman khan , and aamir khan are also pathanes 
there are many more great personality pathan . but the above are my favorite . 


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